The United States and Saudi Arabia

November 17, 2017

Episode 36

 Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has overthrown the political order to install his 32 year old son as Crown Prince. Mohammed bin Salman now controls the army, police and the National Guard, He’s also in charge of an enormous program to modernize the economy. As the head of a new anti-corruption unit, he’s arrested hundreds of prominent Saudis in what some describe as a purge. And MBS, as he’s known, is conducting aggressive proxy wars as part of an escalating conflict with Iran. On the next Truth Politics and Power, host Neal Conan discusses how Saudi Arabia’s radical new policies destabilize the Middle East. Plus the history of the US-Saudi alliance from FDR to President Trump.

The President’s Club

November 10, 2017

Episode 35

  With Europe in chaos at the end of WWII, President Harry Truman called on a logistical genius to sort out food delivery to Europe …disgraced former president Herbert Hoover. Hours after he was sworn in, Lyndon Johnson told Dwight Eisenhower, “I need you more than ever.” From political exile, Richard Nixon phoned Ronald Reagan with advice on the Soviet Union, and Reagan took it on himself to teach Bill Clinton how to salute. In the next Truth Politics and Power, Host Neal Conan talks with Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy, the authors of “The President’s Club,” about the co-operation, competition and consolation among presidents and their predecessors.

Tax Reform Edition

November 3, 2017

Episode 34

 As the White House and Congressional Republicans press for sweeping tax reform, Truth Politics and Power Host Neal Conan explores the economic and political history of the federal tax system. From the tariffs and excise taxes that funded government in the 18th and 19th century to the 16th amendment and a permanent income tax to “Taxes to beat the Axis” in WWII which created the federal tax system as we know it. How both political parties became allergic to tax increases and the hidden tax benefits of the welfare state that subsidize the middle class.

The Foreseeable Future

October 27, 2017

Episode 33

While details of the future obviously remain unknowable, we can  predict that the next few decades will be profoundly affected by climate change, that unmanned weapons systems – drones – will come to play bigger and bigger roles in war and that changes in the populations of Japan and China will be a major factor in the destiny of East Asia and the Pacific Rim. In a “Foreseeable Future” Edition of Truth Politics and Power, host Neal Conan holds in depth conversations with leading climatologist Michael Mann, Missy Cummings, an expert on the development of unmanned systems and Howard French, author of “Everything Under the Heavens.”

New World Order

October 20, 2017

Episode 32

Just a decade before the outbreak of World War II, most of the world’s countries agreed to make war illegal. The Kellogg-Briand Pact may have seemed like a failure, but two law professors from Yale argue in their new book, The Internationalists, that the treaty marked a major turning point in world history. In a “New World Order Edition” of Truth Politics and Power, they tell host Neal Conan the agreement to outlaw war made the world conflagration that erupted only a few years later into a war between the Old World Order and the new, and enabled the Allies to try German and Japanese leaders for an unprecedented crime – waging aggressive war. Since then, war between states and territorial conquest have declined dramatically.

Gun Rights and Gun Control

October 13, 2017

Episode 31

As the nation struggles to come to terms with the mass shooting in Las Vegas, host Neal Conan delves into the long history of the debate between gun rights and gun control going back to the Founding Fathers who required every adult white male to own a musket, and bring it to musters where it was inspected and registered. On the next Truth Politics and Power, how a  duty for community self defense evolved into an individual right to bear arms and how the laws changed with both weapons technology and the rise of the National Rifle Association. Plus restrictions on research into guns and gun deaths